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Ser Lapo Mazzei

The Father of Chianti Classico

Ser Lapo

The first document reference to Chianti as a production region is found in correspondence from 16 December 1398 betweeen Ser Lapo Mazzei " the keen notary" and Francesco Datini, "the merchant of Prato".

"Payable, on 16 December (1398), 3 florins 26 pennies 8 dinars to Piero di Tino Riccio, for 6 barrels of wine from Chianti... said produce paid by credit letter of Ser Lapo Mazzei".

In their exchanges these two wonderful characters were discussing the deals of the time, the pleasures of life, and obviously the wine, of which Ser Lapo was a great fan and connoisseur.

Ser Lapo

Limited Edition

This is the union of a historical product with a modern generation, a marriage between wine and art, among the excellence of Tuscany

Ser Lapo

The Wine

Chiani Classico Riserva DOCG

Ser Lapo

The label of this important vintage is dedicated to Ser Lapo Mazzei, a famous ancestor regarded as the pioneer of Chianti Classico.

On the upper part of the label there is a faithful reproduction of the document drawn up by Ser Lapo, whose handwriting is clearly visible and can be deciphered by the lovers of philology. These few lines - elegantly written by a highly-educated person - depicts Florence in the Middle Ages, where the quality of wine was already an important issue, as Ser Lapo wrote in another document: "Do not worry about the cost of that wine, although it was expensive: a pleasant taste heals all the wounds."

Discover Ser Lapo

"Antiche Lettere di Vino"

On this day, December 16th 1398, 3 florins, 21 soldi and 8 dinars shall be given by Piero di Tino Riccio for 6 barrels of Chianti wine. The aformentioned we pay by written letter of Ser Lapo Mazzei.”

Credo che abbatendovi a uno vino che fosse secondo vostra natura, non vi bisognerebbe altro medico a ritornarvi le forze.”

- Ser Lapo Mazzei

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